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About Us

Kelly and Hannah here! If you’re on this page, you’re most likely looking for something different. So were we! That’s why we created Studio Fire + The Well Collective. We wanted to offer Columbia a non-intimidating place where you can move, grow, and connect. We all start somewhere, and we invite you to come as you are.

Hannah & Kelly




Bend + Barre

Not your average barre class. This 55 minute session is designed to lengthen and tone through small pulses and bendy flow sprinkled throughout. You can expect a challenging, upbeat, and empowering class. Heated to 85 degrees

LIT Yoga

60 min of high intensity flow with upbeat sounds and bursts of dance. Infused with vinyasa yoga, HIIT, and tribal dance. Expect to MOVE. Heated to 87 degrees. 

Ballet En Fire

Ballet en Fire is more than just a dance class. In a room heated to 85 degrees- in just 55 minutes you will tone, strengthen, get your heart rate up, improve coordination, and so much more. This full body workout comprised of toning sequences, cardio blasts, and targeted mat work will leave you sweaty and feeling like a true dancer. Created by our very own professional ballerina, Ahna. No dance experience necessary.

Fire Flow

This 60 min power flow class is designed to build strength in the body and mind while moving to music like Rap and Hip Hop. You can expect to sweat and jam out. Heated to 99 degrees. 

Well Flow

Our signature class infused with everything we offer. You can expect spicy yoga sequences, a dash of HIIT, some smaller barre movements and a longer meditation. Heated to 87 degrees.  

HOT Vinyasa

Your basic vinyasa yoga class, turned up just a notch. Heated to 95 degrees, expect powerful flows matched with stretchy breaths. Move through yoga seqeuences quickly getting your heat pumping while connecting your body with your breath and even you mind.


60 minutes of high intensity interval training mixed with vinyasa. You can expect bass, sweat & satisfying stretches. Heated to 90 degrees, this class isn’t your average yoga class it’s heart pumping and challenging.

Deep Stretch

60 minutes of mindful, intentional movements. This slow flow class focuses on extended holds for deep stretch and mindfulness. This class is warm, heated to 85 degrees. 

Yoga Church

Join us for this community driven donation based class where the proceeds go to a new charltiy each month. Each week we rotate the instructor and feature instructors who teach throughout the midlands. The class style changes depending on the insturctor- so each class will be unique. *It’s up to the instructor whether the class is heated or not*

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Trying a new studio for the first time can be scary, intimidating or just confusing – we get it! Whether you’re totally new to yoga + barre and just beginning your health and wellness journey or you’re a yogi pro- we have a place for you here and are looking forward to growing together. 

Any questions you have or anything you’re unsure about don’t hesitate to reach out. We love getting to know every person that walks through the door. We welcome you here and invite you to come as you are! 

TEXT US: 917-664-7889
OR EMAIL: studiofirecola@gmail.com 



3000 Rosewood Drive Suite 6
Columbia, SC 29205

Classes start as early as 6:30am until 830pm